Open Heart Belly Dance
*healing and happiness--with spangles!*

Are you ready to enjoy yourself?

Open Heart Belly Dance is a FREE 5-part video series

Yes, it's really free. 

Open Heart focuses on self-compassion and healing through belly dance. Our emphasis is on enjoying the movement, relaxing, the body, and feeling safe and self-treasured. The series is gentle, kind, and suitable for any level, including chronic pain or difficulty standing.


Toulouse_Lautrec_-_Loie_Fuller_01We explore a new area of movement each week. Starting with the head, neck and shoulders, we then discover the feet and hips, the torso and abdominals, and finally put it all together. The bonus Week 5 covers Visionary Veil. There are practice and music suggestions every week.


256px-Computer_monitorSigning up gets you access to the full series. For 5 weeks, you'll get an email every week with a link. It's like a little vacation that comes right to your home!


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